Yoga for Rocks - 3 Poses for the Inverted Guard

3 poses for the Inverted Guard (Rock friendly)


For all the fellow rocks out there – no need to be worried! There is still a way to play the inverted guard, by doing these 3 simple poses. Even though you don’t really ever want to find yourself in the inverted guard on the mat, as it is a completely defensive position, we are going to break it down nevertheless. You are going to do 2 stretches – one for the front and one for the back of your body, followed by a single core exercise.

As a prop, I very much suggest you grab a pillow or a blanket, a yoga block, and a belt.

1. Stretching out the back side

Start by laying down onto your back and placing an item under your hips. This can be a blanket or pillow, everything will work as long as it puts you into an elevated position. After you’ve done that, continue by grabbing onto your hamstrings and trying to pull your knees as close to your shoulders as possible. It doesn’t really matter how far you can get them, as long as your biceps are helping your hip flexors to pull the legs in, reducing the risk of fatigue. Stay here, then stretch one of your legs to the side and bend it back in.

Repeat this movement and alternate your legs while doing so. Do this ‘’air-cycling’’ process for as long as you can, let’s say about 20 reps on each side. By doing this stretch, you are also increasing your defense range as well as decreasing the space between your ribs and your tights, which is the one your opponent has to control.

If you do this stretch for at least 5 minutes a day, you will notice a tremendous difference.

Yoga for Rocks - Inverted Guard 7
Yoga for Rocks - Inverted Guard 8

2. Stretching out the front side

Stretching out the front side is as equally important as stretching out the back side. Your hip flexors are usually quite weak because they’re tight. That’s why they are the main target of this pose.

By stretching your hip flexors will enable them to contract more. If they’re loose, they’re also going to be strong.

Place the same pillow you used before underneath your shins or if your knees are hurting, you can place something under your but, sit down and lean back. Squeeze your but and your belly and try pushing your hips up, without actually lifting them. This should feel the effect of this pose in your quads and hip flexors.

If you are a true definition on A Rock, you can modify this by doing one side at the time. Using a wall to help you lean back while watching your favorite TV series is also an option here. Try to hold this position for at least 2 minutes.

Yoga for Rocks - Inverted Guard 1

Of course, once you do one side, you move to the other one, staying there for an equal amount of time. Use a timer if you have a problem counting the minutes.

Wanna stretch out your hip flexors even more?

3. Strengthening the core

You’ve stretched out your front- and your backside, so it’s time to move on to your core.

Lay down onto your back and lift your legs up, keeping them straight or bent. Now look over to one side and lift the hips over your shoulder. Do the same thing on the other side and continue by repeating this movement from side to side. What you’re basically doing here is just using your core to lift those hips up.

Together with the Spider guard, this movement is both offensive and defensive at the same time.

The goal is to obtain strong but mobile muscles.

To all the fellow Rocks out there – try all of these poses and keep repeating them for a few weeks.

If you still find it hard to understand what’s going on, Sebastian made a full 5-day program, dedicated solely to the Inverted Guard for Rocks

The best way to get the benefits of these poses is to try them yourself!

YOGA FOR ROCKS inverted guard

Yoga for Rocks Inverted Guard Program

This program will target the areas that we need loose, to be able to invert properly. Give it a go a couple of times, and let us know how you’re doing!

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