Yoga for BJJ - 3 tips for a better posture

Three tips for a better posture


Slouching kills

That’s what it should say on the package when you buy a new desk chair on IKEA.

You have probably heard people say the words “straighten up!” in an honest way to remind you that slouching is incredibly bad for you. What they don’t tell you is that straightening up like a soldier is not sustainable for a longer period of time.

Instead of straightening up and creating even more tension in our back, we need a smarter approach. In the video below we will look at three key elements of good posture and learn how you can use that from now on. 

To summarize the 3 tips for a better posture:

1. Shoulders back

Instead of pulling your shoulders down, pull the shoulder blades together behind you. That will move your arms and shoulders backwards in space. It’ll give you a nice stretch in the front of your shoulders and chest, where we usually carry a lot of tension. 

2. Pull the head back

Not the nose, but the back of your head! When you tuck your chin in, and ‘lengthen your eartips up’, you create a healthy alignment of your skull on top of your spine. This gives your neck nice pressure release and also makes you look alert and tall.

3. Lift your chest bone 

Your sternum pointing up is a key element to improve your posture. This will take plenty of practice and it will never be completely effortless, but it will make your breathing quality shoot through the roof. When you lift your chest, it suddenly feels more natural to breathe deeper and relax your face.

The real magic of good posture will be felt when you combine these three elements: shoulders back, head back, chest up.
It will take plenty of practice to get it right, but a nice help along the way is to place your back against a wall and press your head and shoulder blades into the wall. This gives you a supported feeling and makes it easier to locate a more optimal placement of your head.

As martial artists, we can benefit tremendously from the simple and effective principles of good alignment and posture that are the foundation of every yoga practice. 

Jiujitsu, MMA, Judo and all combat sports are wearing and tearing on our joints and muscles. The release and balance we get when practicing yoga feel too amazing to be able to put into words. Take 10 minutes (as a start) every day and feel the difference for yourself. 

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