Athletes flow classes

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Welcome to the first ever live Yoga for BJJ classes!

Join your fellow humans in these jiu jitsu oriented athlete flow classes and balance out all the stiffness. These are 1h long classes, usually oriented to stretch your whole body.

It’s suggested that you complete all the beginners programs first before starting with these ones. Just to get the fundamentals in! Enjoy!

Athletes flow #1

In this first class, you’ll enjoy a well rounded flow to stretch your legs, get your spine moving and you’ll do some simple balancing on your feet.

Athetes flow video nr.1

Athletes flow #2

You will stretch your whole body in this second athletes flow class, but your lower back mobility will get some extra attention. You will do lots of side stretches, twisting, folding forward and backwards – everything your lower back needs as a jiu jitsu practitioner and/or having a sedentary life style.

Athletes flow video nr.2