BJJ Warm Up - Shoulders, Hips, Back, and Core

Best BJJ warm up move for your Shoulders, Hips, Back, and Core


In need of a really effective training prep?

We present you the so-called hip thrusts with L sits – a great warm-up technique. It will stretch your shoulders, pecs minor, wake up your hips, back and your core.

It is essential to warm up properly for BJJ in order to avoid injury and improve your performance. Anybody who has competed in any BJJ tournament knows what it’s like standing around waiting to be called out on the mat. During this time it is important to keep moving and not let your body cool off.

Hip thrusts with L sits are simple to understand but by no means easy to execute. The great thing about this exercise is, that it can be done anywhere and there is no equipment needed. So you can perform the warm-up before a training session or backstage before the World Championship.

So here’s how you do it:

  • Place your feet and hands down on the mat, with your toes and fingers pointing forward
BJJ Warm Up - Shoulders, Hips, Back, and Core 1
  • Lift your hips up and squeeze your butt. Push your chest up, so can feel a nice stretch in your pec minor and the front deltoid muscle. Also, make sure you don’t lift from your lower back.
BJJ Warm Up - Shoulders, Hips, Back, and Core 2
  • Once you’re in a reverse table top position take and inhale, and on your exhale get your butt behind your hands, lean forward and try lifting those glutes off the floor for a brief moment.
BJJ Warm Up - Shoulders, Hips, Back, and Core 3
  • When you start feeling comfortable, you can get on with lifting the feet in the air as well.
BJJ Warm Up - Shoulders, Hips, Back, and Core 4

Continue by following this movement: inhale – lift up, exhale – L sit. Breathing deeply is essential here. Holding your breath will only reduce the positive effects of the technique. We recommend doing a flow with 20 or 30 repetitions. This is a great way to wake up your shoulders, hips, back, and core.

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