Myths About Yoga Debunked

“I want to try yoga, but I don’t think I’m flexible enough.” I hear people say some version of this all the time. So many people consider trying yoga [...]

How Yoga Can Help You In Life

Why try yoga? Why take time out of your day to get on the floor and put your body in awkward positions? There are many ways that yoga can help you in [...]

Tips To Survive Quarantine

It is hard to be prepared for something like a global pandemic. With everything going on right now in our world, many of us have a lot of free time o [...]

When Yoga Is Not About Yoga At All

“I need to stretch”  Everyone says it. Because it’s common knowledge that most of us need to improve our flexibility (and those who don’t need to imp [...]

Am I too stiff for Yoga?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Yoga is that you need to be flexible to do it. This is like thinking that you need to be fit to start Jiu Jit [...]

Hip Flexor Hero Problems?

Not everyone knows this, but hip flexors quite often enjoy being heroes of the show. If they notice that the lower back or core is weak (for example) [...]

A blog post by Nikki Sullivan

Source: For those of you who have never heard of Nikki Sullivan, let me just give you a quick introduction. Nikki Sulliva [...]

Tight Hamstrings?

Why do so many jiu jitsu athletes suffer from tight hamstrings? *link to this program is on the bottom of the page* Why are tight hamstrings [...]

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