Ever struggled with breathing during your practice?

Let’s talk about Breathing and what it does to/for your Jiu-Jitsu Game


Want to never gas out during a roll ever again?

Learn to Control Your Breathing!! 🙂

Our Breathing Programs teach you how to breathe for better Jiu-Jitsu, better health, and reduced mental chatter. See the video on the bottom of this page.

Breathing is such an unconscious bodily function, we often take it for granted. Many of us breathe the wrong way in our everyday lives, by only using the lungs. While there isn’t only one correct way to breathe during a Jiu-Jitsu roll, the breath should come from the diaphragm – the large muscle that separates your lungs from your guts.

Your breathing patterns can easily deteriorate into chaos when you train BJJ. You might be asking yourself: ‘’Is there a way to avoid this awful situation?’’ Yoga to the rescue again. Practicing yoga can help you learn how to control this by simply teaching you how to breathe more consciously during any activity.

Why is breathing properly so important:

1. Learning to breathe correctly can among other things contribute to greater available energy, calm your nervous system, help strengthen your immunity and nourish internal organs.

2. One of the very worst things in jiu-jitsu is to be trapped on the bottom with all your opponent’s weight on top of you and be unable to breathe, which usually results in panic or surrender. You can make that go away as well, keeping yourself in the game with more efficient breathing.

3. It helps combat anxiety before a competition.

Benefit number 4: Prolonged physical endurance

Breathe to calm down. When you stay calm, you perform better. You get tired less quickly. Simple as that.

What you’re going to need for this session (video below) is:

  • A quiet place to sit down
  • The absence of your phone – or at least turn off your notifications
  • A door hanger that says Do not disturb (not essential but an added bonus :P)

Sebastian will guide you through his preferred style of breathing during jiu jitsu. There won’t be much talking involved, just breathing and getting used to controlling your breath.

We hope that by reading this post you got a good grasp on how important it is to be the master of your breath in Jiu-Jitsu. No one wants to huff and puff like they’re about to blow down a house with a piggy in it!

Don’t believe us? Then you’ve probably also never seen a video clip by the legendary Rickson Gracieusing his special method of breathing, one of his best-kept secrets. And judging from his titles, the guy knows what he’s talking about. So at least take it from him.

Once you’re fully convinced by the numerous benefits of a proper breathing technique, make sure you try our two breathing programs:

Breathing Program 01

This is the first of two breathing programs, guided by Sebastian. He shares many tips and tricks on breathing for reducing stress either before a competition or when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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Breathing Program 02

This second program is recorded by Artur Paulins – a BJJ fighter, Breath-work & Yoga Teacher. He shares specific breathing techniques for faster recovery, how you should breathe during stretching/yoga, how to breathe with your diaphragm and much more.

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