What are bundles?

There’s so many great videos on the website, that aren’t part of our purpose recorded programs. We had Miha do them all and organise them into new programs that we call bundles. The goal is to create, fun, structured programs to keep you consistent in your practice. The bonus is that we can showcase great (sometimes older) videos that normally get buried in the video library! Enjoy!

Morning Bundle

Hit the ground running with 10-20 minutes of morning-appropriate yoga!

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Feel the Flow – 4 week ‘program’

A very structured program to get a month of fun, consistent practice.

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Stretching Only 

3 days a week only, for 2 weeks. Great supplement for your flexibility.

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Feeling tired bundle 

A selection of videos you can do when you’re feeling very tired. 0 effort needed, just relax and enjoy.

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