Lower Back Pain Rehab Program – Flexion

This is a rehab program for flexion related lower back pain. Meaning back pain that comes on when you’re bending forward.

This is the kind of pain that gets worse when you go and put your socks on, when you’re sitting rather than standing. For jiu jitsu athletes, the pain tends to get aggravated when playing guard.

The cause can be anything from a relatively minor strain to more serious problems including some disc issues.

If you’re getting any other symptoms including a lot of pain down into your lower leg, numbness, tingling, pins and needles or any weakness in your legs – do go see somebody about that first!

The rehab program progresses in difficulty. You can start with the video number 1 straight away as it’s designed for when you’re feeling intense, irritable acute pain. You can stay with video number 1 for as long as you need, no rush.

In the later stages, we use some weights so please progress through the days in your own pace. If the pain worsens later on, feel free to return to any of the earlier videos.