Rehab Programs

Welcome to the Yoga for BJJ rehab programs! They are filmed by Rosi Sexton – our licenced Osteopath, UFC Veteran and BJJ Brown Belt with loads of experience with grappling injuries.

The programs share a similar layout – they all have 5 days that progress in difficulty. You can start with day 1 pretty much immediately after the initial injury, or when you’re in the more acute stages of pain. Make sure to listen to your body and DO NOT push yourself too far with these programs. Their goal is to get you back to training as soon as possible, and sometimes that means doing day 1 (or a certain video) multiple times in a row and taking the time to focus on correct form.

These programs are by no means only suitable for rehab! You can do them as prehab as well – as you will strengthen and activate the muscles supporting the joints that take the greatest beating in jiu jitsu.