Cool podcast alert! Raspberry Ape podcast with Lachlan Giles

Cool podcast alert! Raspberry Ape podcast with Lachlan Giles


Text by: Miha Perhavec

Here at Yoga for BJJ we’re really happy to share this podcast with Lachlan Giles hosted by Dan Strauss.

I visited Dan in North London last week and we did some cool stuff in his infamous garage gym, like heavy bag lifts, horribly difficult pull-ups and mace exercises. Yeah, it was as intense as it sounds. In fact, I rolled with Dan too and I can say he’s the first person that has a chinstrap that can compare to the terror of Josh Hinger’s. That’s a big compliment. Dan has a really cool UK based grappling podcast and this week, we’re sponsoring it too. Especially since the guest is Lachlan Giles.

I’ve trained with Lachlan for a week or two, when Emma and I were travelling through Melbourne, we actually got an Airbnb in St. Kilda to train at Absolute MMA. That branch in particular is in my opinion the best submission grappling gym in the southern hemisphere. For leglocks, for sure. Home of Craig Jones and Kit Dale when they’re in Australia.

Lachlan is one of those instructors that teach and compete at the same time at the highest level. That alone is a reason to listen to what the man has to say on this podcast.


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