Feel the Flow – 4 week ‘program’

Feel the Flow – 4 week ‘program’2018-05-24T04:40:59+01:00

What is this?

Welcome to Feel the Flow! This is a bundle of videos, organised in a different way to what you’re probably used to. It is a 4 week ‘program’, with 3 videos for the weekdays and a bonus video for the weekend. That way we can spread out the benefits of yoga to almost a month, so that they can really shine through.

How does it work? 

I’m glad you asked! There’s a video for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a bonus one for the weekend. If those days don’t work for you, you can change it up, but try make it a set schedule. The videos are mostly “new” in the sense that they are not new at all. A lot of these are brought out of the video library, which will give you the chance to do some great flows (some from the old studio). Each week has a different focus.

Who is it for?

Anyone who has gotten past Foundation Week! There is a lot of variety in the flows and you may encounter moves you can’t do yet. That will show you what you have to work on and maybe help you chose a new program after you are done with this one.

Week #1 : Hip Focus

Healthy, mobile hips are so important that they get the number 1 spot. It’s impossible to have an epic guard that people talk about in hush tones, without making sure you have full range of motion. These videos are a great way to accomplish that!

Week #2 : Oldschool only

There used to be a time when Yoga for BJJ was much more low-budget. The one thing it had going for it were great flows, that stand the test of time. Although the recording setup could be improved, these videos are too good to miss!

Week #3 : Leg power

It’s easier to triangle choke the hell out of people when your legs are strong and mobile. Nuff said!

Week #4 : Mystery Sampler

There are a lot of great programs already available. This is a mystery sampler that will let you try some of the less know ones. Since the end of this program is approaching you may find some inspiration here on what to do next!

Awesome job!  How does it feel? Let us know by clicking the chat button, we are also open to any suggestions! Let us hear them.

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