Feeling tired bundle

Feeling tired bundle2019-02-24T18:21:06+01:00

Are you feeling extremely tired?

It could be that you had a hard day at work, or that you just finished a really hardcore training session. Maybe it's the day after a competition and you're just feeling really stiff and tired.

If you have zero energy but you still want to help yourself recover faster – say hello to the ‘feeling tired’ bundle. 

This bundle is a compilation of videos recorded by Sebastian and compiled by Yoga for BJJ “in-house-leglocker” / website manager  – Miha. “I’ve done every video on the website as a part of my quest to not be a rock anymore.”  The criteria for these videos is that they demand zero (or very little) energy from you, but feel really good on your stiff limbs. Even though taken from other programs, the focus of all of these videos is on pure relaxation and chillax.

No need to do the videos in order, it depends how very tired you are. When you’re at your lowest reserves of energy, resort to video number 1! Always keep in mind – take it easy and enjoy all the relaxation!