Foundation Program Series II

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Welcome to Foundation program series II!

This program is named Foundation program series II, as it’s meant to follow the first foundation program and ease you into the intermediate week.

Originally, your suggested beginner path on Yoga for BJJ was: start with the 10 in 10, continue with the startup program and then tackle the foundation week. Then, Sebastian made the intermediate program. You were suggested to give that one a go after completing foundation week a number of times.

Everything sounds okay, but the problem was that complaints started coming in about the intermediate program being too hard.  After examining it again, we came to the conclusion that the level of that one might’ve been set too high. It seems like the intermediate program is more advanced program than it should be.

We think that there should be another program in between the foundation program and the intermediate program, to get you fully prepared for it.

So here it is – Foundation program series II. Get some!