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The act of giving the gift of Yoga for BJJ is widely considered as the ULTIMATE bro move. Or, the sneakiest way to tell someone they need to stretch, now. Whatever your motivations, we applaud you for even considering this. Here are the options: 

We offer a half year and full year option. With both of the options, your unsuspecting “victim” gets access to all of the videos and programs on the website, just like with our regular membership + our soon-to-be-updated e-book. With the yearly subscription, they get the e-book and downloadable pack of videos as well.

How does this work?

Step 1:  Below these instructions, you select the membership you want to gift. Unlike our regular subscriptions, these are a one-off purchase*.

Step 2: Fill in the purchase form, there is an option to let us know who the subscription is for and roughly when you want to gift it. That way we can change the email associated with the account and make sure your giftee gets access from when they activate their account. *How exactly to fill in the form? <- video*.

Step 3: After payment, you will be taken to a page where you will get your receipt and you will be able to download a printable card. We have a few different motives for you to choose from. If you print them out on some thicker paper you have a nice physical gift as well!

Step 4: We will send the account over to the recipient on the date of your choice along with a welcome package, so they know what to do with it 🙂

Step 5: That person is now in your debt, forever.

*The giftee can easily renew their membership after it runs out.

6 Month Subscription?

  • ✅Access to ALL past & future content.
  • ✅All the legendary yoga benefits + free ebook
  • ✅ Printable gift cards.
  • ✅Support with setting the subscription up.
  • ❌No OFFLINE videos (thanks pirates)

Yearly Subscription?

  • ✅Access to ALL past & future content.
  • ✅A full year of fun & improvement.
  • ✅ Printable gift cards.
  • ✅Support with setting the subscription up.
  • ✅Carefully selected OFFLINE videos + the free ebook.

I can’t speak highly enough about this. Not only for improving my BJJ, but for my overall health and feeling good daily. I can’t get through the day without doing one of the morning sessions first, and a stretching regimen I picked up from this site every night before bed. Easily the best and my favorite asset I have as far as fitness routines

B.W., Yoga for BJJ member