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Welcome to Yoga for BJJ!

Hi, Sebastian here!

Someone is looking out for you! How cool is that? It’s really cool to have you on board, but there’s something you need to know before we start… Yoga for BJJ has a problem… It’s not enough to be a Yoga for BJJ member to experience its benefits to the fullest. Work is required. Discipline. To come back and follow the videos.

BUT! We’ve thought about that…

In order to avoid confusion and the feeling of helplessness on this magical journey, I have taken the time to structure the first three months of your path.
This is your mission, young Frodo:


Complete the 10 day beginner program

10 in 10 beginner program

10 in 10 beginners program

Startup program

Continue here after the 10 in 10 program

Startup program

Foundation week

Continue here after Startup week


Too stiff?

Continue with Yoga for rocks instead (after the 10 in 10)

Do Yoga for Rocks

How to progress with these programs?

After you have completed your mission, I am sure that you will understand the basics of what I am teaching.
You will also be tired of my dry humor, and super flexible everywhere, but more importantly, you will have a sense of where you should go next.

In order to not be overwhelmed or lose focus, please make sure you complete all the above programs before you quit, or ask general questions, as 95% of your questions will be answered in these videos.

With that said, don’t hesitate to write if you have issues, either with your account or with anything related to what were doing in the videos.

I want to take this moment to thank you for committing to this journey ahead, and I will not let you down unless you quit half way!

Let’s start with your first video!