Hamstring rehab program - w/Rosi Sexton

Hamstring Rehab Program2019-04-13T16:17:35+01:00

Welcome to the hamstring rehab program! This is suitable for mild to moderate hamstring pain, which might occur due to a muscle strain or some tendon problems.

You can start with day 1 immediately after the initial injury, just make sure to consult with your doctor first if you suspect that it is a more serious injury. Wait at least a week before proceeding with day 2, as you’ll start foam rolling the hamstrings. You don’t want to do that too early in the injury stages, as it might provoke more pain and inflammation.

As always, be careful and take it easy with these exercises. It’s normal to feel mild discomfort, but you shouldn’t feel any pain while doing these!

Now let’s strengthen those hamstrings!