Hip Flexor Rehab Program - Video 2

Hip Flexor Rehab Program – Video 2

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Today will be very similar to yesterday with more challenging variations.

If yesterday went well and you are ready for the next video, today we will start with gentle strengthening and balance.

Next we focus on some variations to strengthen the lower core and hip flexors (hip flexors and back work together as a team. We run into trouble if part of the team is weak; hence, the lower core strengthening in addition to the hip flexor rehab).

We will reward our work on Day 2 with a fantastic quad stretch.

Remember! If anything in this video is too much, just head back to Day 1 for a couple more times until you are ready for Day 2.

Props: Theraband, heavy weight

Theraband that is attached to a weight (if you do not have a weight handy you can tie the band to something solid that doesn’t move).

This exercise is a different variation from yesterday when you used the ball (if you feel you need to – go ahead and use the ball variation again). exercise

Click Here For The Exercises: Hip Rehab Day 2

How did the video go? When you feel ready, you’ll find video 3 below:

Hip flexor rehab video #3