Hip Flexor Rehab Program - video 3

Hip Flexor Rehab Program – Video 3


Today we move into engaging the hip flexors with dynamic stretches and strengthening.

We start off with stretching the hip flexor while strengthening the overall hip.

After that we move into working the core and loading the hip flexors.

We finish with an effective and dynamic stretch of the hip flexor while strengthening.

This is great rehab for your hip flexors, however at the same time we are taking advantage of stretching them while engaging and strengthening the core, hips, and glutes.

Having strong lower back, hip flexors, quads and glutes working together in a powerful way will drastically improve your BJJ game. Good thing the rehab exercises are almost as fun as the benefits they bring! Almost.

Props: Just you and your mat today

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How did the video go? When you feel ready, you’ll find video 4 below:

Hip flexor rehab video #4