Hip Flexor Rehab Program

Hip Flexor Rehab Program – Video 4


Day 4 is a very exciting day!

Today we are excited to be challenging the stabilizer muscles while strengthening with movement.

You probably noticed by now we are focusing on the hip flexors along with the back of the hips (hamstrings and glutes), then the lower core that ties it all together. There is a good chance the hip flexors got injured because there was a weak link (or two) in the chain.

This is why it’s important for us to compliment the hip flexor rehab by strengthening the body parts that affect the hip flexors.

Props: Foam roller, theraband that is attached to a weight (if you do not have a weight handy you can tie the band to something solid that doesn’t move).

Click Here For The Exercises From: Hip Flexor Day 4 Rehab

Once you have mastered this video, move onto video 5 below:

Hip flexor rehab video 5