Hip Flexor Hero Problems?

Hip Flexor Hero Problems?


Not everyone knows this, but hip flexors quite often enjoy being heroes of the show. If they notice that the lower back or core is weak (for example) they dig out their little capes and attempt to do the jobs of everyone to SAVE THE DAY!

Hip Flexor Rehab

Unfortunately, this tends to only last so long before they get tired, strained, or even injured. 

The sad reality of this world is, even heroes are defeated sometimes…unless they have their TEAM to bring them back into action! (lower back, core and quads all play a role in supporting the hip flexors).

What do the hip flexors even do? It is time for a Human Anatomy Mini Lesson!  

Flexion is instigated by muscle contraction (for example, your elbow joint flexes to bring your hand to your shoulder), a muscle that flexes a joint is called a flexor (imagine that, a muscle that flexes is called a flexor).

As you know, all heroes have a secret identity, and if you don’t tell anyone I will let you know the two secret names that make up the hip flexors (known as the inner hip muscles):

  • Psoas Major Muscle
  • Iliacus Muscle

Hip flexors biggest job is to lift the knee and bring the thigh towards the abdomen.

In Jiu-Jitsu we use hip flexors for almost everything from guard retention to maintaining mount, we even use our hip flexors to walk to the Jiu-Jitsu mats!

Hip flexors are important in every day life for walking up stairs, getting in and out of our cars, making coffee or tea…You get the idea.

Unless you walk on your hands, we have a serious issue to address if there is any pain in the front of the hips (I don’t doubt your capability of walking on your hands, but is it really necessary to be walking on your hands the rest of your life? Very impressive, but not necessary. That’s our opinion anyway).

In this program we target rehabbing the hip flexors (of course) along with strengthening the muscles groups that are associated with the hip flexors. The goal is to get the whole team back in action to save the day and get us back onto those Jiu-Jitsu mats!

Time to put away the hip flexors hero cape, they have done all they can up until this point. 

Now it is time to give them some rest and rehab, along with strengthening the other muscles who weren’t doing their jobs which could have potentially caused the injury in the first place.

Hip Flexor Rehab Program

Rehab those hip flexors and get back on the mats as fast as possible.