Can't kneel without pain?

Here’s what to do if you’re having trouble kneeling


In his first video for the site, former rock – Miha explains which 3 exercises helped him to kneel without pain. Yeah, dude couldn’t kneel. 7 years of judo and no stretching and a few years of intense BJJ got him to the point, but YFBJJ & these 3 stretches in particular helped the most. The video was originally recorded for a member with this question, but is now uploaded for anyone else who may have this issue.


If you’re having pain while kneeling, chances are your whole lower body is very stiff. Your quads, TFL, IT band, calves, hamstrings –  all stiff and holding you back in your jiu jitsu. Thankfully, we have a whole set of programs available to target those areas. To make it more fun, let’s make a challenge out of it. The kneeling challenge – you’ll be able to kneel like a savage after you complete it.


Glad you asked. First – take a photo of yourself kneeling right now. Save that photo. Then, complete these 3 programs as described:

What happens after I complete the 3 programs?

Remember that photo you took before you started the challenge? Take another photo of yourself kneeling when you’ve done all 3 programs. Make sure to send both photos to 

You will get a free DVD and eBook from our shop and oh, your leg flexibility will be on another level. Win-win!

I’m not a member – can I still do the challenge?

If you’re not a member yet, you can start for free by signing up to the free trial. Be careful of the consequences though. You’ll loose that leg stiffness and get the ability to kneel like a pro!!


Make us give you that DVD and eBook for free!