I got scared into Yoga for BJJ

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I got scared into Yoga for BJJ, how did it happen?

I got scared into Yoga for BJJ, honestly. I spend a fair bit of my time playing guard with my spine looking like a horse shoe. I would regularly tell myself that I will get started on some preventive measures to avoid my horse shoe like spine adopting a permanent bend…tomorrow

My name is Sam Mc Nally. I am a Brown Belt under Darragh O Conaill. I train out of East Coast Jiu Jitsu Academy in Dublin, Ireland. I have been using YogaforBJJ first thing in the morning, for some time now. Here’s why…

I train everyday Monday to Saturday and compete regularly. One of the main benefits of Yoga for my Jiu Jitsu is the routine it helps keep me in by doing it first thing in the morning.

What’s so scary?

I once saw a senior man with a very intense hunch hobbling down the road. I saw my potential self a few years down the line. It hit me that the time to start dealing with this issue was…yesterday…

The thing about Yoga is the progress you see, or don’t see. It’s very slow and has to be consistent to build up positive effects. The main problem with physical degeneration is the same though. The degeneration is slow. You don’t see it until it builds into a real problem. Like tapping to a heel hook. It doesn’t hurt and then bam. (sorry heelhooks)

Improving your skills in Jiu Jitsu is also a step by step process. If you train consistently, the wear and tear will also be consistent.

The question I asked myself was: “what do I want to look like and what do I not want to look and feel like when I’m 60 years old?”. I started to see a clearer vision of an ideal and un-ideal potential version of myself in the future.

One path can take you towards a tall, confident, older version of yourself moving freely and still training Jiu Jitsu happily. The other leads towards a crumpled old man barely able to carry a bag of groceries.

The results, positive or negative, take time to really show their effects. Responsibility for this remains if you choose to adopt it or not. We all know this deep inside.

You’re probably wondering about subscribing to a service and never using it like the rest of the crap you have. Binging on it every so often when you get a spike of motivation. When a friend casts a light of shame on you with their new self improvement habit and you feel it’s time to crack the whip and get in shape. This is not much use to you though.

Yoga has to be consistent. A few minutes a day really trumps long binges every once in a while. It’s like elegantly painting a detailed picture as opposed to throwing a bucket of paint on a canvas.

I try things then give up after a while…

The questions is, what practical steps can you take to create the reality of your 60 year old self walking with confident posture and supple movement? There are some obstacles in your way. You’re not always the captain of your own ship, at least, when that ship is sailing at 6:30 in the morning and the bed sheets are really comfy.

If you’re serious about trying to act out a plan to serve your future self. Will-power, discipline and strategies to deal with these have to be taken into consideration.

The interesting thing about discipline is that the further you project your actions into the future, the more of it you have, in theory. I think the best thing to do is to start making a solid plan for the future. One that includes a daily commitment to Yoga. One that you can use if you want to adopt Yoga into your life and prolong your Jiu Jitsu career.

Things that helped me get started and stay consistent:

You have to see your ideal. There has to be a vision in your mind of the body your future self could live in that would be worth working for.

Getting as close as possible to that image is worth the the hardships it would take to get there. Yoga has positive effects right away. But they COMPOUND over time and that’s why years down the line you get your invested time with interest. If you start now, otherwise not so much. It’s never too late either. 

For me, deeply thinking about  what will likely happen to my body if I don’t include a good movement routine, brought me on the right path. This article on willpower helped a lot too! 

I’m ready!

I’m hoping that by this stage you’re either worried or pumped full of motivation, or both! If you think you’re all of a sudden going to turn into a Yogi and drink only detox juices, while putting #namaste on all of your selfies… I can tell you now that any aspirations of how much Yoga you can do projected into the future are probably fairly over exaggerated at this stage.

Two weeks down the line with a bit of fatigue, some restless nights and a pinch of stress thrown in the mix. That’s the time when you start thinking about the magical excuse of “I’ll do it tomorrow”. I think its best to account for this now.

Start small! Say you think you can do 20 mins a day, first thing in the morning. Aim for 10 and work progressively towards 20. Consistency trumps occasional binges, always.

Now what?

Right here you can try a 14 day free trial of YogaForBJJ. I’d recommend that you make a bargain with yourself of how many days you think you could do and just get after it in any possible manner you’re capable of. Practice makes perfect and consistency makes results.

My favourite videos are in the Morning Yoga bundle, these are great to get you started!

Give it a go today!

Ps. See me in action below


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