How can I improve my general flexibility?

How can I improve my general flexibility?


Short and modest answer: with Yoga for BJJ

Sounds cocky right. Here's the long answer:

Your body undergoes a lot of damage during training itself. Add sedentary lifestyle to that and you have a recipe for a disaster if you’re not trying to balance that out. Warm up before every training, stretch and cool down afterwards, spend some time to stretch in the morning as well. If you feel like a specific part of your body is really stiff, take some time in the evening and get on a lacrosse ball or foam roller. Do this every day consistently and progress is unavoidable. Your overall mobility and flexibility are the result of work you put in to balance out all the other $hit your body has to go through daily. If you’re thinking well nobody’s got time for that – that’s where Yoga for BJJ comes to play.

Yoga for BJJ exists with 1 purpose. To help grapplers do what they love doing forever. Beat other people for fun, for years to come. Sebastian’s here to show you which exercises to do as warmups, cool downs, specific body stretches and how to progress the easiest/quickest with them. Here’s a short-ish preview of that:

*if you don’t know who Sebastian is, click here to watch a short documentary

A video example of how yoga helps with jiu jitsu

Stages of mobility and flexibility you’ll work towards

Instead of going on your own and googling best stretches for [enter body part], Yoga for BJJ made things easier for you. If you’re a complete beginner with yoga, you get started with 3 beginner programs. Those will get you ready for harder programs and give you an idea of where your current mobility/flexibility levels are. If you’re as stiff as a rock and even think you’re too stiff for yoga (which you’re not), there are 4 programs designed specifically for you. They’re called Yoga for Rockscheck them out by clicking here.

After that, there’s just you putting in the work consistently and progress will come naturally. 

Are you currently dealing with an injury?

Did you get yourself injured in training, and you have to stay off the mats?

It could be a nagging back injury keeping you back from smashing everyone. Or shoulder pain that’s constantly coming back, causing you to tap sooner to those kimuras than you’d want to. You could be having knee pain, and that knee brace just isn’t doing $hit. You just got hyped about footlocks, but your ankle isn’t too happy lately? Whichever body part it is, start your rehab plan now and get your a$s back on the mats.

Check out the rehab videos we have on Yoga for BJJ, they’re filmed by a professional with tons of experience in grappling injuries. There should be something for your injury/pain as well – check for yourself by clicking below.

Yoga for BJJ rehab programs

Not sure if you’ll like it?

My experience thus far has been absolutely incredible! I have been using your videos every day and multiple times throughout the day. It’s having such a huge impact in a good way I’m not only my Jiu Jitsu but my recovery as well. Best thing for BJJ in my opinion!


I have problems with arthritis and I really feel the yoga sessions ease the pain a lot. If I don’t do yoga for a day, I mainly feel my hip flexors tightening up. That feeling keeps me doing it every day 🙂
I suffered from a hernia for 3 years before I started with the yoga. Ever since I started, the pain has been negligible. Thank you for that!


Really liking yoga for bjj. I was quite skeptical in the beginning, but I started noticing results very quickly. I’m recommending it to all my friends that are training bjj, and I make time for Yoga every day now


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