LCL rehab plan- video #1

LCL rehab program – video #1

2019-02-06T21:39:30+01:00≤20 min, BJJ LCL rehab program|


Welcome to the first video of the LCL rehab program!

This video is suitable for the early stages of your injury to the lateral collateral ligament, or if you’re feeling pain on the outer side of your knee.

You might not be able to bend/straighten the knee completely at this stage, so only go as far as you can without invoking more pain. These early stages will be all about moving your knee within your range of motion as much as possible. Your goal at the moment is to prevent your knee from going stiff. Let’s start rehabbing!

Props: Towel

When you’ve done this video multiple times and you feel your knee is starting to feel a bit better, give the next video a try. We’ll add some more functional exercises.

LCL rehab program – video #2