Less talk more yoga – video 2

Less talk more yoga – video 2

2019-06-10T13:17:34+01:00≤20 min, Flow, Warmup|


Less instructions, more flowing video #2. Appropriate for intermediate/advanced members that went over the basic beginners classes.

It’s a fast paced class, serves well as a pre-training warmup or energizing morning class. Expect sun-salutations, warrior 2, challenging balances… all in a compact 20 min video. Awaken your body and get it ready for the challenges ahead of you.

This video will mimic some of the movements we do in jiu jitsu, but more importantly it will challenge your limits of motion. You’ll work on escaping mount, learn a stretch for over-under pass defense and prep your hips for open guard among other things.

0 props needed for this one.

If you are struggling, you can refer back to Startup week to go over your yoga basics again. Watching the class or fast-forwarding through it will also help you get a sense of what’s going on.

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