Lower Back Pain Rehab Program - Extension

Lower Back Pain Rehab Program – Extension2019-04-13T15:44:22+01:00

Welcome to the rehab program for extension related lower back pain.

This is the type of pain in your lower back that gets aggravated when you’re arching backwards. It’s worsened if you’re standing for a long time and it might be slightly less painful when you’re sitting (usually). The pain is generally also worse when you’re walking or running.

For grapplers specifically, you’ll notice this type of pain when sprawling or doing movements that involve back arching.

The rehab program progresses in difficulty. You can start with the video number 1 straight away as it’s designed for when you’re feeling intense, irritable acute pain. You can stay with video number 1 for as long as you need, no rush.

In the later stages, we use some weights so please progress through the days in your own pace. If the pain worsens later on, feel free to return to any of the earlier videos.