Morning Bundle

Morning Bundle2018-05-23T03:54:56+01:00

Welcome to the morning bundle! Soon after waking up is a really, really good time to do yoga. First of all, you get some movement into your body, which is especially welcome if you’ve trained hard the previous day. Mentally it’s pretty awesome too, because you accomplish something important and set the course for the day.

This bundle is a compilation of videos recorded by Sebastian and compiled by Yoga for BJJ “in-house-leglocker” / website manager  – Miha. “I’ve done every video on the website as a part of my quest to not be a rock anymore.  The criteria for these videos is that they are 10-20min long, because a lot of us have to hit the ground running during the week. The second is that they aren’t super hardcore, because the body needs a gentler flow to wake up.”

The two weekend videos are optional, but super recommended, they feel GREAT before open mat!

Let’s get after it, oss!