How can I increase my hip range of motion?

How can I increase my hip range of motion?


Let's start by saying there's no easy way to do that.

Your hips are stiff from all the hard rolls, all the beatings. They're stiff from all the years of neglect, all the days where you didn't stretch them, or warm up. Then add hours and hours of sitting to that, at your job, in school, at home...There's no way it'll be easy to counter all that.

It’ll be tough, but there is a way. One where you have to put in a lot of hard work. 

Sebastian’s here to show you which exercises to do and how you’ll progress the easiest. All the videos are based on years of personal experience, showing you what works and how.

An example of where more hip mobility will help you

Finishing triangles

An example of a really good hip mobility boosting exercise 

Kung-fu stretch – a must before every training

Good hip mobility means so much in jiu jitsu. You can notice how stiff your hips get after every training – that’s because you’re using your hip flexors A LOT. If you’re currently not doing anything to stretch them after training, your range of motion is limited. Then there’s your internal and external hip rotation. Both essential if you’re planning to stay on the mats longer than a few months and you’re not a fan of injuries.

When you start putting some time in before and after training, you’ll unlock your full hip potential. You’ll see those new range of motion benefits when finishing techniques, escaping submissions and just sparring in general.

To make things easier for you, Yoga for BJJ has a wide range of videos that will get you where you want to be. Sebastian developed a set of programs for hip flexibility based on years of experience. Here’s where to start:

Not sure if you’ll like it?

From the first class, even if it was only 10 minutes, I could really feel it. The program is well constructed and the progress is natural. I have now completed hip week and am going to do it one more time since it makes my hips feel really good and loose. Even if some of the workouts seems easy I have always felt really good and “loose” afterwords.

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