Use Your Office Chair To Your Advantage

Office Yoga to Help Your Jiu-Jitsu


We know the feeling…

Sometimes you are stuck at the Office with no way to get up and do some stretches for an extended period of time. Sitting at a desk for 8+ hours can result in a sore lower back, stiff neck, and tight hips and shoulders.

This post will address different ways to counter the behind-the-desk, t-rex-arms slouching position, that most of us are stuck in at work.

The position described above and seen on the photo below is not the optimum posture for jiu-jitsu or any activity for that matter. Even if you have good posture habits and the best ergonomic chair, your body will need a break to release muscle tension, stress, and stagnation in the joints.

Office Yoga, Yoga for BJJ 3

What if we told you there is a way you can use your office chair to your advantage instead of treating it like an enemy? With this short, revitalizing sequence, you’ll be able to get rid of all the pesky aches and pains that come from sitting in an office chair.

We are going to work on stretching your:

  • neck and chest
  • the spine
  • hip flexors
  • glutes
office yoga

Pose #1

For this first pose, you’re going to grab a belt and hold it about shoulder length apart. Lift your arm up and over your head. This is not as much of a shoulder stretch as it is a release for your chest and neck. Lean back and look up.

If your neck feels too much pressure here, you can place the belt around it and take a minute here so it can adjust. For sure this is going to feel uncomfortable at first because you’ve been leaning forward most of your day at the office.

Office Yoga, Yoga for BJJ 1

Pose #2

We stretched our upper body, next body part on the agenda – the spine. This time you are going to use your chair as a prop. Stand up and place one of your feet on the chair, while you keep your knee close to the backrest. Grab the backrest with the opposite hand and twist. Stretch your bottom leg, lift your chest and twist your spine. Take a minute here before moving on to the second side.

Office Yoga, Yoga for BJJ

Pose #3

Hip flexors – a part of your body that is getting punished brutally by sitting down, which results in them being super tights. Place your knee on the sitting area and the front of your foot on the backrest. Does the pose seem familiar? It should, because you’re doing one variation of King Arthur’s Pose. Engage your belly and stretch your hip flexors. The more you lean back, the more intense it’s gonna be. Hopefully, your chair isn’t one of those that goes all the way back…

Office Yoga, Yoga for BJJ 4

Pose #4

The next part we are going to focus on are your glutes. The pose we’re going to be executing is somewhat similar to the infamous Pigeon Pose. Sit down on the chair in the opposite direction, bending one knee as you would for the Pigeon Pose. Cling on to the backrest with your arms and move your hips away from the foot.

If it makes the time go by quicker you can challenge your co-worker here, to see which one of you can do more spins, while stretching out. Do both sides for a minute.

Office Yoga, Yoga for BJJ 5

Pose #5

For this 5th and last pose, you’re going to interlace your fingers behind your back and fold forward. That’s the first version.

If you want to modify the pose, then place the top of your head on the chair, straighten your legs and swing the arms as far back as possible. The inversion will help increase blood flow to your brains.

But don’t overdo it, one minute should do the trick.

Office Yoga, Yoga for BJJ 6

What’s great about this poses is, that you can still be productive while doing them.

5 minutes in 1 hour or 40 minutes in a usual work-day. That’s all it takes. It’s an extremely smart investment, which does not only make your body feel amazing but also increases your productivity for the rest of the hour!

And you can explain that to your co-workers as well, when they start giving you those weird looks. Or how about this! Invite them to do the exercises with you, and notice the benefits themselves.

For more tips on how to execute this poses properly, check out the video below:

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