Office Yoga

Office Yoga

2018-03-28T20:21:35+01:00≤10 min, Tutorials|

Duration:5 min

This was a request from a member! A great idea for all of you warriors in the 9-5 jobs or just people who have to sit for long periods of time. We want a revolution. One where stretching and mobilizing for a few minutes during your work day is something normal, because it is reasonable! So stretch in the office with pride!

Intensity: 15%

Difficulty: 12%


Best part of this video?

Hands down,without question, it is the ability to get full ROM stretching in a relatively small space.
I have an office that’s big enough to do yoga in by then I lose productive time. With the Office routine that you created, I can literally work while I get my yoga stretches in. No need to change clothes, no need to dim the lights and turn on the relaxing music, literally just good working poses that I can use while I accomplish my necessary tasks for the day.

As for what changed, My seat and my hips don’t constantly hurt and my lower back feels like it is already starting to release tension. This morning when I was teaching, I noticed my movement was much more fluid during sparring then it has been as of recent. I count that up to five rounds of Office yoga movements from yesterday.