Become A Certified Yoga For BJJ Instructor

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Location: Frontline Academy, Oslo Norway

July 10.11.12 

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Completing this course will enable you to:

  • Teach a full, hour long YogaforBJJ class at any (enlightened) BJJ academy
  • Hold world class warm ups, relevant to any BJJ (or martial arts) class
  • Instruct much-needed post training cooldowns and stretching routines
  • Hold themed classes and warmups for Hip, shoulder and spinal mobility, which can (and should) be tailored to the theme of the following BJJ techniques
  • Kick-start your own yoga practice, to learn the fundamentals and the nuances of the practice.
Yoga BJJ Instructor Training

Whats included:

  • Roughly 17+ hours of Yoga for BJJ course.
  • A Yoga for BJJ rash guard.
  • Yoga for BJJ patches.
  • 1 year free membership to the website
  • Your name listed as an official teacher on **
  • Membership to the private facebook group for YogaforBJJ instructors, where we will share and learn from each other.

**In order to be listed on the website as an official YogaforBJJ instructor, you will be required to study at home after the course, and send a video of your own practice and teaching, to prove your incorporation and embodiment of the skills learned.

Whats NOT included:

  • Flights, taxis, trains, boats, ubers, ferries, visas, border fees.
  • Hotels, AirBNB, or any for of accomodation.
  • Food, drinks, snacks, entrance fees to nightclubs.
  • Assistance by phone,email,text, to get to and from the training if your flight is delayed etc.

The travel and accommodations are your responsibility, the course itself is our responsibility.

The following are the minimum requirements for you to participate:

  • Three years of BJJ experience**
  • A blue belt, received from a registered BJJ black belt.***
  • An open mind (A positive attitude towards learning new skills)
  • A humble and friendly attitude towards your fellow course participants.

**If you, for example, are a very experienced group class leader, and have relevant movement experience (capoeira, break dance or equivalent), lack any of the listed requirements, but are eager to join and learn, please contact me on and explain your situation.

***If you are not planning to teach YogaforBJJ, but are interested in this course for your own practice and development, you are welcome to join without the relevant prerequisites.


You are kindly asked to prepare before this weekend, bringing an as comprehensive list as possible of questions and inquiries, as this radically improves your learning experience, and being well prepared and having sorted your thoughts out well in advance will increase the quality of your education.

The weekend will include an unusual amount of physical exercise, please prepare accordingly.
Please note that Yoga practice and teaching skills are not learned over a weekend, but is acquired by a lot of practice, trial and error, over a longer period of time. This weekend will give you the skills to make that process significantly faster and more efficient.


  • Early bird registration is until May 1, 2020.
  • Early bird cost is 750$ USD
  • ‘Late bird’ cost is 850$ USD
Click here to apply and pay!

Any questions at all make sure to email