Yoga for BJJ Podcast #1

Yoga for BJJ Podcast #1


Tune in to the first ever Yoga for BJJ Podcast!
We answer common questions and let you know who we are.

The iTunes version is available here:

The mp3 audio file can be downloaded here.

Here is the synopsis:

00:00 – Introduction, who we are and our history.
3:45 – Sebastian’s own experience with injury and the aftermath of starting with yoga.
9:35 – How much yoga should you do?
11:30 How long should you hold a stretch?
13:35 – Is it normal to get sore after stretching?
15:40 – Patience and yoga.
21:20 – I have a/an _______________ injury. What should it do? Knee injuries.
28:10 – Approaching flexibility if you are “a rock”.
30:45 – Which yoga mat to buy? + misc.
37:11 – Body awarness and injuries.
40:00 – Programs on Yoga for BJJ
43:10 – Training for Crest and Polaris
46:45 – Best jiu jitsu rules? Benefits of competition.
56:00 – where do we train – Frontline academy in Oslo, East coast in Dublin
57:00 – How did Sebastian and Miha meet?
1:00:00 – Which podcasts do we recommened?
1:04:00 – Launching the yoga for BJJ meeting place

We hope you enjoy it!