Post-op ACL rehab program- w/Rosi Sexton

Post-op ACL rehab program2019-04-13T15:01:16+01:00

This is a basic post-op ACL rehab program.

First a disclaimer: please follow the advice you were given by your surgeon. They might’ve given you specific advice, follow those guidelines. If anything we do in this plan doesn’t fit with what they told you – please skip that and follow your doctor’s instructions.

One thing to note is that there are different variations of this surgery, mostly it has to do with where the graft for the new ACL comes from. In some surgeries, they take it from the patella tendon, in others from the hamstring tendon. Depending on which one of those you have will affect your rehab process slightly.

This plan is basic so that it applies all variations of the surgery. It consists of 5 videos, for different stages in your rehab process. You can start with day 1 very early on (1-2 weeks) after the operation and repeat it multiple times before going to the next stage. 

Make sure to not force anything, listen to your body and be patient. Let’s start!