Post op ACL rehab - video #1

Post-op ACL rehab program – video #1

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Welcome to the first video of the post-op ACL rehab program. You can start with this video when you’re about 1 week to 2 weeks after the operation.

You’ll start by mobilizing the knee into extension with the help of a towel. You want to get this movement back as early as possible after the surgery. The earlier you get this back, the better your results will be. Don’t try to force anything though. Slight discomfort is ok, pain is not! Don’t worry about full extension at this stage, just get as far as you can.

What follows are some stretches with your jiu jitsu belt for your calves and hamstrings. 

Repeat these exercises multiple times per day, this early mobility is most important for when getting results.

Props: Towel, jiu jitsu belt

When you’ve done this video multiple times and you can bear weight on your injured leg, continue with video number 2. That’ll be roughly at least 2 weeks after the operation.

Post op ACL rehab – video 2