Post op ACL rehab - video #2

Post-op ACL rehab program – video #2

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Welcome to the second video of the post-op ACL rehab program. You can start with this video when you’re about/more than 2 weeks after the operation and you can bear weight on your leg.  Don’t start it before that!

We’ll start by mobilizing the knee into extension again, without forcing anything. Swelling of the knee is usually what’s restricting full movement, but we’ll work on that with more mobilizations. What follows are mini squats with the help of a swiss ball, make sure not to go deep, just small movements at this stage! We finish off with some gentle strengthening exercises.

Props: towel, bjj belt, theraband, swiss ball, chair

When you’ve done this video multiple times and it has been at least 4 weeks after the operation, continue with the next video:

Post op ACL rehab – video 3