PRICING (after free trial)

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Monthly Subscription

$19Per Month
  • ✅An amazing 14-day free trial
  • ✅Access to ALL past & future content.
  • ✅ Mobile app access
  • ❌No FREE ebook (no travel pack) & no savings
  • ✅All the legendary yoga benefits

6 Month Subscription

$99Per 6 Months
  • ✅An amazing 14-day free trial
  • ✅Access to ALL past & future content
  • ✅Mobile app access
  • ✅15$ saved compared to monthly ❌20$ less saved compared to yearly
  • ✅Extra commitment

Yearly Subscription

$179Per Year
  • ✅An amazing 14-day free trial
  • ✅Access to ALL past & future content
  • ✅Travel Pack = Carefully selected OFFLINE videos + eBook
  • ✅Mobile app access + 50$ saved
  • ✅Extra commitment (skin in the game)

Do you have more pricing questions?

No worries, we're not afraid to talk money. Here are some FAQs we often answer.

Can you cancel at any time?

Are there contracts involved?

The only way to cancel is to climb a volcano through enemy territory and throw your mobile devices into the lava. Sorry, just watched Lord of the Rings again yesterday, great movie!

YES. You can cancel at any time! During the free trial, you can cancel to prevent the first charge. As a member, you can also cancel through “My Account” or by writing us through the chat bubble. No dodgy contracts involved.

We’ll be sad to see you go and a teeny tiny bit disappointed.

Do I need a credit card to start?

Yes and No. You need to provide your card to get started with the free trial, but it can be a debit card as well. We use Stripe, which does great with most cards.

Can I use PayPal? Yes and No. Historically Paypal has been a major pain in the glutes for us. But we do allow Yearly Membership payments if you don’t have a credit card. You need to write us and we’ll help you out if you only have PayPal.

More questions?

If you have more questions, please contact us with the chat at the bottom right of your screen, we’ll answer and add that answer to this page. 

Are you going to increase the price without telling me?

No, we’re not A$$%&=$. In the case that we elevate the price in the future, you will keep your existing membership.

Your membership is TOO expensive, are there any discounts?

We hear this sometimes and we STRONGLY disagree. 

Here’s why:

#1 – What we sell is priceless. Go ahead, put a monetary value on you feeling great in your body. On being able to roll for decades. On knowing what your body is capable of and where there’s room for improvement. On being more present in your life and on the mats. Yes, you have to work to attain this, but we show you the way and walk down it with you.

#2 – Yoga studio prices in a major city will cost as much as our yearly subscription – PER MONTH. Plus there are strong odds that you’ll have to listen to Stacey talk about chakras.

#3 – Imagine you get injured at training tomorrow. We have Rehab Programs to help you out if it happens. They’re recorded by a person who knows damn well how injuries work in combat sports and you can start doing them right away. How much does a physiotherapist session cost? 100$ per hour? Each of our rehab programs has 5 days worth of instruction.

#4 – We normally don’t do discounts. If you catch a glimpse of a rare one, it will never be for more than 10%. We know how hard we work and the value of Yoga for BJJ, because most of us working on it, use it too.