Sebastian Brosche Seminars

#1 Unorthodox Guardpassing
We will have a look at how to smash the close de-la-riva leg and get into quarter mount, how to attack the guilliotine and follow up with kneeslide passing when he tries to set up worm guard, and take a look at a completely different way to counter the underhook with an old school judo grip that is suprisingly versatile, both from normal half guard and reverse half guard.
If we have time left, we will look at what to do about the lasso hook when passing on the “wrong side”, and how to follow up to a back take when he inevitably turtles.

#2 Figure 4 Fundamentals
Since 2007, Sebastian has been working on re-inventing the kimura grip, and has come up with ingenious solutions to notorious problems. Sebastian will present a plenthora of options, and depending on the response and demand for adaptation to Gi, No Gi or MMA, we will spend more time in certain positions and iron out the kinks. Please make sure to bring your toughest questions, because Sebastian will be prepared to answer anything kimura related.

#3 Side Controlfreak
Not spending much time on the sidecontrol-mount transition that most people already has a good understanding of, we will dedicate this seminar to putting the maximum amount of pressure on the adversarys diaphragm, throat and lungs. Leaving this seminar, you will have new tools to force your stalling opponent to react, and thus you will know how to capitalize on the mistakes he is bound to make when defending against your pressure. (Dont eat befor this seminar, as the knee on belly pressure can cause embarassing moments!)

#4 The Strongest Submissions
Always choosing the biggest, toughest, and most stubborn opponents on the mat, Sebastian has been forced to find ways to finish them. He has stolen and further developed the techiniques of Felipe Pena, Leo Vieira, and others too mean to mention. All of these submissions involves the power from the legs and back, so you will not need massive bicebs to generate the necessary pressure. If you have a lower rib injury, please spend your time on the side of the mat, as the body triangles will definitely make your injury worse.

Every seminar will be starter with a typical Yoga for BJJ flow, to get the blood flowing and the joints lubricated.
We will end with Q & A about the techniques we have touched upon, and some nice stretching, breathing and relaxation.