Straddle pose: Tips and variations

Straddle pose: Tips and variations2018-11-22T08:10:06+01:00

The straddle

It is great because it offers a nice stretch for your spine as well as your hips and legs while allowing you to relax your shoulders and your neck. It has the potential to be an important addition to your mobility and flexibility practice  (yes, you should have one).

In this video below I explain how to correct the most common mistakes and turn your straddle into a solid position.

To summarize:

1. Move your feet closer.

Very often I see people try to get closer to the ground to look cooler or to make the stretch more intense. This isn’t necessarily very good for your knees and ankles. You will get more out of your pose if you move your legs together.

2. Turn your toes in and lift the inside of your foot.

Keep your legs straight as well, this will allow you to engage into your toes as well and give you the chance to move your weight into the toes if necessary

3. Relax and lengthen your spine.

By doing so you will get a lower back release and a chance to breathe deeply as you relax into the position.