Stretch you hamstrings and back

Stretched hamstrings club – video 1

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For a part of this video you need a jiu jitsu belt. Any type of belt will work, you can also use a towel or a t-shirt.

This video is appropriate for all levels from Rocks to Advanced. If you are a “rock” make sure to bend your knees more in both poses.

‘Both poses? Like, are there just 2?’ Yes, this video consists of just 2 poses, but this will enable you to really get into your back and hamstrings and relax them enough so they can be stretched.

Make sure to breathe, enjoy the changes that are occurring and listen to Sebastian’s hilarious banter. This video will make your open guard better for quite obvious reasons, as well as have a positive impact on your inversions (intended or getting smashed). If that’s something you want to improve, make sure to make this video a part of your routine.

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