Stretch your hamstrings and back

Stretched hamstrings club – video 2

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You guessed it, this video will target your hamstrings and back. It’s appropriate for all levels from Rock to Advanced, so no excuses not to do it! Ok, unless you have a hamstring injury. If you’re dealing with a hamstring strain, do this rehab video instead

Make sure to breathe, enjoy the changes that are occurring and listen to Sebastian’s hilarious banter.

After you’re done with this video, guard playing and passing will be easier. An obvious side-effect of stretching your hamstrings and back is the ability to touch your toes when bending forward, or at least getting closer to achieving that. Which again, is good for guard playing and inversions!

You need 0 props for this one, just 25 minutes of your time invested in your hamstrings and back.

Enjoyed this video? If you haven’t tried the first video in the Stretched hamstrings club yet – now (or tomorrow) is the time!

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