Stretched hamstrings club

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Stretch your hamstrings and back, watch your open guard and inverting improve!

What’s this Stretched hamstrings club all about?

Well most of the questions we receive start with ‘I’m so inflexible, I can’t even touch my toes when I bend over!‘ It’s safe to say people often showcase their stiffness by doing the forward fold.

While not being able to touch your toes isn’t devastating, being able to do so definitely helps in jiu jitsu. The two key players here are your hamstrings and your back.

If your hamstrings and back are tight (both or either), your forward-folding flexibility is limited. What does that mean for jiu jitsu? You’re having more trouble playing guard, even passing it. Inverting with stiff hamstrings and/or tight back can be a nightmare, and can lead to serious back injuries.

Ain’t nobody got time for back or hamstrings injuries, especially since they can be prevented with some discipline!

Without further a do, welcome to the Stretched hamstrings club. What you’ll find here are videos targeting your hamstrings and back, appropriate for all levels. Make a routine out of them, transform your body and jiu jitsu!