Yoga For BJJ Teacher Training News Recap

Yoga For BJJ Teacher Training News Recap


The Academy had nervous energy on the first day as the participants from all over the world quietly registered for the first Yoga For BJJ Teacher Training course, then finding their way to the mats. Half of them were not sure what to expect, the other half of them still getting over the shock of seeing Sebastian in person and realizing he is real and not just an internet bot

The course started in the most unexpected way. This led the precedence for the whole weekend (I can’t spoil how it was done, you’ll have to come see for yourself!). As Friday progressed what the participants didn’t realize is that the material on the first day was used to strategically prepare them for the following two days.

Sebastian explaining how a strong Warrior Pose helps defend DHR Guard. Photo Cred Joshua Halvatzis

Sebastian explaining how a strong Warrior Pose helps defend De La Riva Guard. Photo cred Joshua Halvatzis

Sebastians pink, sparkly, unicorn hat should have been a sign that this would not only be a very informative weekend, but also a very fun one. With the perfect balance of genuine honesty mixed with humour – this created the recipe for learning with engagement (might I add some entertainment as well!).

There were no ‘sleepers’ in this course (‘Sleepers: people who fall asleep at the back of the class and hide behind their notebook. However, they don’t know everyone knows they are sleeping, so they keep secretly sleeping. Which isn’t a secret at all’).

This course has many obvious perks, but what about the perks that aren’t as obvious? As the weekend progressed and everyone got to know each other, they went from strangers to junior acquaintances (to potentially to senior acquaintances!). Coming from all over the globe (England, Argentina, Kuwait, Colorado, Ireland) and all walks of life (sports psychologists, moms, martial arts instructors, to a breathwork coach that leads people on mountain exhibitions). The amazing part of this is, every single person brought some beneficial element to the group, doesn’t matter who they were or where they came from – everyone brought something to the table. Whether it was knowledge, a new perspective, or details and suggestions that weren’t recognized before. It is important to note that the course was designed to not be limited by not only learning from Sebastian, but so everyone could learn from each other too. 

It was incredible to watch the difference in the dynamic in everyone as they created connections and opportunities not just in London, but all over the world through this course. There were also many other opportunities and learnings that happened that apply to not only Yoga For BJJ Instructing, but also other instructing as well, potentially even life. 

YFBJJ Teacher Training

First Yoga For BJJ Teacher Training in history! Photo cred Joshua Halvatzis


This is the recap of the London group, the very first group to be certified as Yoga For BJJ Instructors. Not saying every group will be like this, in fact, they shouldn’t all be like this. Every single group will have a different dynamic and bring different strengths and perspectives to the table. 

With this, five things are certain:

  1. Sebastian will continue to run Yoga For BJJ Teacher Trainings, and part of the fun is not knowing what to expect (obvious and not as obvious)
  2. Sebastian is not a bot. He is a real person (I know everyone was wondering). Now we just need to confirm this for his minions….
  3. If you are thinking of becoming a YFBJJ Teacher, if you are missing this, you are missing out.
  4. No, you do not get a sparkly unicorn hat
  5. Yes, you will be more flexible after hanging around flexible people all weekend (or we like to believe that anyways, maybe it’s the belief that makes us more flexible).

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