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(Even If You Can’t Touch Your Toes!)

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WARNING: Once you get started with this program, there is NO going back to shitty warmups and meaningless drills. You have been warned.


Read The Story Below To See Which Person You Relate To


Meet Mr. Before:

Mr. Before is a three stripe blue belt. He wakes up in the morning feeling sore from the sparring rounds the night before, and his hamstrings feel like steel cables. He feels a shooting pain down his right leg when he puts on socks, but it’s been like that for six months now.

His desk job requires him to sit for over eight hours a day which pushes total sitting time to over ten hours with the commuting. His posture is questionable at best and he’s no stranger to a lingering headache. At lunch break he chats with his colleague, Phil, who had back surgery six weeks ago and is complaining about the side effects of the pain killers, and how the scar will never heal.

Due to traffic he makes it to training late, so he only catches the last part of the warmup (which, as always, consists of running in a circle, jumping jacks and some hip escapes). The next thing is positional sparring and he is genuinely concerned for his shoulders and back when he is paired with that spazzy white belt that never listens to ‘Let’s go easy’.
After surviving training he is feeling good due to the endorphin rush, sits slouching along the wall and chats with his buddies until he gets cold.

Back home, he complains to his wife about his aching back, then watches an episode of Game of Thrones before bed, exhaused.
The next day the cycle begins again – but today his growing discomfort (back pain, shoulder pain, etc.) makes him skip training for the rest of the week.

Now Consider Mr. After:

Mr. After wakes up 30 minutes earlier than Mr. Before –  also sore, but he knows that the crushing feeling and ache will be gone soon. Why?Because he is a disciplined individual, he makes time for 13 minutes of Morning yoga, waking up his body slowly and becoming noticeably more supple before he sets off for work.

At work he is known for taking little breaks every 30 or so minutes when he stands up, stretches out his hips and uses a rubber band to open up his shoulders without arousing too much suspicion. His colleague Phil is looking at him a bit funny, but haters gonna hate, Phil, and how’s that back doing, eh? Twice a week he takes the train instead of his car, and instead of sitting he squats and stretches for fifteen minutes.

Mr. After has learned how important it is to come to training early to go through the 10 minute Official Yoga for BJJ Warmup routine before class. He is starting to sweat and he feels nice and loose. Instead of being afraid of injuries, he can focus on how to smash that ‘spazzy’ white belt.

Following the rolling his instructor lines everyone up and tells everyone how much he has improved lately, and that it is wonderful to see someone taking care of both himself and his training partners. Then he pulls out a purple belt!!
After the memorable class and the congratulations (and the inevitable gauntlet walk), he hangs around talking to his buddies while doing the After BJJ stretches he memorised.
His wife has a nice surprise for him when he comes home. He goes to bed happily, knowing that he will crush tomorrow too.

Meet The REAL Mr Afters

Just finished the 10 in 10 and let me say for someone who is 50 years old and has been doing judo and bjj since the Earley 1990 this program is excellent it has helped loosen me up and I feel alot better when I am Rolling

David Webster

Yesterday I competed here in California at the American cup and Sebastian’s competition course really helped me. With your guys help I won my bracket and was promoted to purple belt on the podium! Oss!!

Leon Dohrman

Hi Sebastian & Co
This sounds like a cop out, but I think the content is amazing! It’s the best £120 for a year I’ve ever spent, and you are right – a yoga studio has opened near me and it’s £90 a month!
It really helps with my job too (psychiatric nurse). I often come home after a busy shift and do short class instead of a beer now!

Bradley Salter

I’ve been through the start up week once and am going through it again. I’ve been using the 10 minute core and 10 poses in 10 minutes. One or the other after training. I’ve also used some shoulder ones as I’ve dislocated my left and strained my right and it has really helped them.

Have to say I’m a purple belt and this is the first point that I have been successful at finishing triangle consistently in rolls it’s completely changing my game.

John Moffatt

What Does This Story Have To Do With You?

Well, firstly here comes the much expected plot twist: Mr. Before and Mr. After are the same person.

When Mr Before heard about Yoga for BJJ, he was hesitant at first, thinking “Is this going to be too hard?” and “Will I have time for this?”, but decided to give the trial a shot. After the first three days he was hooked, as he could immediately feel the potential of this form of training. His shoulders stopped popping, his guard game improved dramatically, and most importantly his lower back pain started to recede after just a month, something his doctor had told him was impossible.

Mr. After (who is just one year older than Mr. Before), now has a different outlook on both Jiu-Jitsu and his life, taking care of his body not only before and after training, but during the whole week.

Mr. After (who is just one year older than Mr. Before), now has a different outlook on both Jiu-Jitsu and his life, taking care of his body not only before and after training, but during the whole week. Putting on his socks is just as little of an issue as escaping a back mount, his wife seems much happier now that he does not complain about his back all the time and they even took Friday off to go to that Salsa lesson!

In this sadly common story, Mr. After was skeptical, as we all are when encountering something unknown. However, taking the leap of faith has paid off a million times over and he is now a movement and flexibility ambassador in his academy, as his teammates come to him for stretching advice. If you had never taken the leap of faith and never sought help with your inflexibility, chances are that you will end up either quitting BJJ forever, or in worst case end up like hypothetical Phil, with a back surgery gone bad.

Since you did get started today, you will enjoy training more than ever in six months. Why? Because you’ve beat the injuries at their own game by stretching, sweating and breathing through the Yoga for BJJ Program!