Top 5 Yoga for BJJ videos in 2016

Top 5 Yoga for BJJ videos in 2016


2016 has been a great year in terms of how many BJJ fighters took up yoga and made it a part of their training. That is why we’ve decided to post the top 5 videos (according to plays) for everyone to enjoy for a limited time. Give them a try and if you are not a member just yet… Now’s the perfect time to go for it. 2017 has plenty of medals and fun rolls ready to go. Let’s claim them! Click here to register.


Startup week #1, is the first video of a program that has now become a classic. After going through the 10 in 10 program this video is next in your queue, because it will help you familiarize yourself with the basics of yoga.


This videos is a favorite, because it is very short and sweet and most importantly – intended to bring some life into your body, first thing in the morning.


This gem is the first video from the inaugural Yoga for Rocks program, titled Inverted guard. It mostly includes stretches and nice asy movements that move even the most inflexible towards being able to do moves like inverting.

10 in 10 HIPS

This is the first video a Yoga for BJJ member gets to do. #1 out of 10 in our introductiory program. This should feel absolutely sensational if you are known to neglect your hips a little.


Yoga for BJJ consists of people who train BJJ quite a lot. We know how tired you get, we know that by Friday long yoga flows are much harder to do than they were on monday. That’s why the Day Off Easy flow is a favorite among members!