Become A Certified Yoga For BJJ Instructor

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Interested in becoming a Yoga for BJJ Instructor? Click on any of our trainings below for more information and to register!

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After participating in this unique weekend training, you will have acquired the following tools, knowledge and skills:

  • A relevant understanding of the human body: joints, muscles, ligaments, as it relates to BJJ-complimenting activity
  • Being able to help people individually with optimizing alignment and structural integrity in various poses/positions
  • A radically better approach to warmups and complementary training to BJJ than the current average
  • An early competitive edge on the instructor market, as yoga/movement/mobility for sports is likely to grow big in the near future
  • The basic do’s and don’ts of teaching group classes

As a gratuity, and to support you in your further development as a teacher, you will also receive the following:

  • A one year free subscription to
  • Discount on future teacher trainings
  • Template classes on video, to make your instructor life easier in the very beginning
  • A free YogaforBJJ rash guard, and patches for your Gi
  • Your name listed as an official teacher on
  • Membership to the private facebook group for YogaforBJJ instructors, where we will share and learn from each other.

As a gym owner, YogaforBJJ is a good long term investment for your gym, as regular classes will:

  • decrease the occurrence of injuries
  • keep your members coming to the gym even when they have time off Jiu-Jitsu
  • offer a nice alternative to partners and relatives who have not yet started BJJ
  • improve general athletic performance and thus indirectly raise the level of Jiu-Jitsu at the academy
  • give a more professional overall impression to all students: “This gym takes mobility and athleticism seriously, and we are willing to invest for the long term by offering YogaforBJJ”
Yoga BJJ Instructor Training

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Non-refundable deposit is $200USD

Early bird cost is $750USD

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What our attendees are saying:

Yoga is an industry, and it’s pretty hard to feel like you have any credibility or right to share your passion with anyone knowing that it takes so much time and so much money to become an accredited yoga instructor. Yoga for BJJ is different; it is focussed, relevant and legitimate training for BJJ, and it’s a window into the world of ‘real’ Yoga if you’re interested in exploring it.

 The instructors course helped me to understand that. It taught me the difference between personal practice and instructing, and gave me both the tools and the confidence to take it back to my gym. Without the course I wouldn’t have felt like I had the authority or the ability to instruct a flow. It highlighted the complexity of the moves and how hard it is to describe each transition and position, but gave me the latitude to find my own solution to the problems.

 Since completing the instructor training I run a 30 min Yoga session every week at my academy, not something that I thought I would do. The feedback has been phenomenal. Every week someone new tells me how they never thought Yoga was like that, that they could see the value for their own training, and that they wanted to do and know more. I feel like the confidence the course gave me is helping me to share something which I personally believe has raised my game, improved my health, and improved my mindset.

 It goes without saying that the quality of instruction that Sebastian provides on the instructor’s course is both original and exceptional, but his willingness to trust others with his brand and develop it in their own way is nothing short of inspirational. If you think that Yoga for BJJ has helped you, then don’t keep it to yourself. The instructors course gave me the boost I needed to share my practice of Yoga for BJJ with my team-mates in the same way that I share every other technique or move that I have learnt. I genuinely can’t recommend it enough.

Karl Potts

London 2019 participant