Trek Jitsu podcast with Sebastian

Trek Jitsu podcast with Sebastian


Miha Perhavec, Leglock and pressure enthusiast, Dublin

22 June 2016

Below is the podcast that Sebastian did a few weeks ago with Paul Tokgozoglu of TrekJitsu:

The length of the podcast is about 30 minutes.

The description from Trek Jitsu:

Sebastian Brosche is the owner and creator of, a website that seeks to help people improve their Jiu -Jitsu by enjoying the many benefits of Yoga. Through his website, Sebastian has released several programs to specifically help with different areas of the body along with other programs designed more for flowing or mastering the fundamentals of Yoga. Sebastian also has a Youtube channel where he constantly adds free information to help the BJJ community.

Sebastian is also the co-owner of Joy Yoga studio in Oslo, Norway, and a Brown Belt in BJJ who has competed at the highest levels. Sebastian trains at Frontline Academy in Oslo and can often be found on the mats improving his Jiu-Jitsu skills. If you are ever in Oslo, I highly recommend visiting Sebastian at both Joy Yoga and at Frontline.

We had a great conversation about training Yoga to help your BJJ practice, entrepreneurship and starting a business, and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I really hope you enjoy the show!

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