What could a Yogi teach you about Jiu Jitsu?

What could a Yogi teach you about Jiu Jitsu?

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More than just stretching

You might be clicking into this article hoping that the zen mentality of a deep thinking, calm minded Yogi might provide you with some kind of cosmic insight to improving your Jiu Jitsu…There is an overlooked part of improving that you can start woking on, today.

Your ability to turn up to training as much as possible, fully recovered, being able to give 100% of your effort whilst mitigating your risk of injury to the greatest degree possible, is the real secret to your success.

The cool thing about Jiu Jitsu is that anyone can be good, it just takes time. How you spend that time really matters and what you do off the mat matters just as much as what you can do on the mat in terms of how it can aid or deter your progress.

 The two main things that can hold you back from training that are somewhat within your control are injuries and fatigue. They go hand in hand and are a devilish combo but need to be dealt with nonetheless.

Hindsight is 20/20 as the saying goes. I always feel this way about injuries. When I replay the highlight reel of my life up until the point of an injury, I can generally point out the main dominoes that fell to trigger my injury.  ‘Oh I had a niggle here I wasn’t attending to’, ‘I could feel this pain accumulating over a long time and never did anything about it’ or the worst ‘I turned up to training feeling tired and then injured myself’.

Your best bet

Now I’m not saying you have to transform yourself into someone who can put their legs behind their head to avoid injury, quite the contrary. Small gains will help prevent big falls.

Most injuries, especially chronic ones, can be as the result of accumulative wear and tear that has not been properly attended to over time. Yoga is not some panacea that can fix all of this overnight but if you imagine for every knot Jiu Jitsu ties in your body. Yoga can help to undo it.

And, your Jiu Jitsu will thank you later!

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