3 main reasons why we don't do Black Friday deals

3 main reasons why we don’t do Black Friday deals


We're not into Black Friday deals

Every year around this time the internet goes ablaze with deals and discounts

It’s better than getting trampled at a Walmart I guess, but we’re not into it at Yoga for BJJ. That’s why we haven’t done any deals for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, ever. We always get a few confused questions as to why, so I decided to write this article to explain the 3 main reasons.

These are our 3 main reasons:

1. What we sell shows great results, but those need to be earned

We don’t make it a secret, that our programs enable great results. But those results are EARNED. It’s kind of like paying for a jiu jitsu gym. You don’t learn jiu jitsu because you paid for the membership. You get better because you keep showing up and you put in consistent work. That’s why we prefer if our members join up because they are determined to make sure they do the maintenance their body requires to stay healthy. We don’t want people to rush into our programs because they got a sweet deal and then quit once they realize they can’t come back to their yoga mat often enough, even when they’re tired or short on time.


2.  Our team hustles for their $

We employ exclusively people who train jiu jitsu. 3 out of 5 members of our team train professionally and they compete at the highest levels of the sport. We do our jobs of uploading & editing content, writing articles, doing marketing and all the rest of the tasks that make yoga for bjj tick. They also have to be paid enough to be able to fly halfway across the world just to choke a dude with his own pajama or break some strangers legs (guilty).


That’s why we balance between making our website as affordable as possible for everyone and paying our team and contributors a fair salary. That leaves very little room for the kinds of discounts some other companies in the space can charge.


3. We’re not huge on this kind of consumerism

The last truth is that we’re just not that huge on the concept of Black Friday. There’s something irrational about it. You can definitely get a few sweet products for a good price during this time. But a lot of the buying that people do just for the sake of buying is well… kinda gross. So we just decide to stay out of it and maintain business as normal.

We’re always trying to learn ways how to make the website better and most importantly easier to use for you. The easier we can make it to use, the more you will use it. You’ll be happy and we’ll be happy x2.



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