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Are you as stiff as a rock?

The crew here at Yoga for BJJ trains to compete extensively and we have been also teaching classes and seminars. That’s why we are well aware that a section of the BJJ population suffers from what we’ve deemed rock syndrome.

The symptoms of this made up disorder include inflexibility, lack of joint mobility, minimal body awareness, lack of breathing control, poor base and balance among others.

This not only makes practicing jiu jitsu harder, but it also does not help with recovery or risk of injury. Among the top players of the sport, only a rare few are inflexible or immobile. It also sounds hopeless, but did you know that you can do something about it?

We have reached out to our members for feedback and created 5 Yoga for Rocks programs. This is it:

They consist of a video per day, which are on average 15 minutes long. They each target an area of the body that’s commonly inflexible from jiu jitsu or just life. Most importantly, these programs are adjusted to mostly include gentle stretches and simple movements that Sebastian has been teaching for years now in his beginner classes. There is no need to be intimidated by yoga any more, it is time to embrace it.

The first program is titled Inverted guard. For most who identify themselves as inflexible, inverting seems like a fantasy. We don’t promise you’ll be doing berimbolos after a week, but you will have better mobility in the spine and neck and you will get to terms with being upside down. In general, this program is dedicated to the spine.

Yoga for rocks inverted guard

The second program is titled Hips. Jiu jitsu is basically a game of who can move their hips better until someone taps. There are also so many muscles in there that can get tight and cause lower back and knee pain as well. In this program, we get after the hips gently and slowly, which happens to be the only approach that works.

Yoga for rocks hips

The third program focuses on the Legs. Each day focuses on one part of the legs. Calves, hamstrings, quads, IT bands and the groin are all covered. The beauty of this is that you get to work on the areas that you know you need help in and those that you had no idea even existed. Kind of like when you start jiu jitsu and muscles you didn’t even know you had started to hurt. This is the same, but positive.

Yoga for rocks legs

The fourth program is dedicated to the shoulders. They are a problem area for many and it shouldn’t be that way. Injuries take a long time to heal when it comes to shoulders, so taking good care of them regularly is important. Tapping later to kimuras and armlocks is also a big plus.

Yoga for rocks shoulders

The last program is a whole body program for the extremely inflexible. You’ll join Miha and Sebastian targetting everything from your head to toes, with specific modifications shown. It’s a program with 6 videos, designed for anyone, anytime, anywhere. There’s also a little FAQ video included in the beginning, if you’ll have any questions along the way. 

Yoga for rocks shoulders

Going through these programs a few times is a guaranteed way to feel better in your body and kick more %@$ at training while increasing your body awareness and quality of life. If you thought you had excuses, you don’t anymore, sorry. BUT WAIT, there’s more.

Learn more about how the trial works

How do you get access to these programs?

You can do so by signing up as a member to Yoga for BJJ.

Your first two weeks are for free since we have a 2-week trial set up.

That will not only give you access to the Yoga for Rocks programs but to over 150 other videos for when you get acquainted with yoga and you realize you can’t go without it!

We also have 24/7 support available (you can write us 24/7 and we answer when we’re not training or sleeping) for all of our members, so we can give you the tips that you normally wouldn’t get from a similar service.

Learn more about how the trial works

Few opinions from fellow members

I am a rock, so my favourite videos on the site are the rock videos. Whilst practicing these “rock” videos I finally managed to get my Blue Belt and I can definitely say that yoga works.


Yoga4BJJ is a great system. With your help my mobility is now on the other level and I don’t have lower back pain anymore 🙂
and yoga is so good for my BJJ ??


As someone coming back from an ACL injury after taking a break for a number of years from martial arts I knew I needed to take injury prevention seriously. Yoga for BJJ has helped me become a lot more body aware and helped with my breathing.