Yoga For Rocks - Head To Toes

Yoga For Rocks Head To Toes – Video 1

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Introduction: Welcome to the Head to Toes Yoga for Rocks Series.

Special Guest: “The Rock” Miha

Special Mission: Transform the average Jiu-Jitsu practitioner into a more mobile, flexible and athletic version of themselves.

Special Props: None. You can practice these yoga videos anywhere, anytime.

Yoga for Rocks Head To Toes Series focuses on modifying poses so even inflexible people can do them. Each video is only 10 minutes a day, through the repetitive process of repeating the short videos watch long term results begin!


Neck, shoulders and chest.

Starting with gentle forward and backwards bends. Then we progress through the class with Warrior 2 Pose complimented by shoulder and side stretches.

After that we work into straddle pose targeting the neck, then finishing with some great chest openers.

Make sure to focus on deep breathing during the stretches, Sebastian knows when you are holding your breath. 

Enjoyed this video? There’s more! In the next video we target upper back and side body:

Yoga For Rocks – Head To Toes Video 2